Origin and Founding
In the trend of rapid industrial development, environmental pollution caused by scientific and technical development is drawing more and more attention for human life ecology sustaining. Activated carbon has been applied to environmental pollution improvement for decades. In consideration of the spirit of environmental protection, we entered the activated carbon market in 1999 aiming to build a sustainable environment, benefit the next generation and make contributions to the Global Human Village. The company was founded at Dalian Road of Pingtung City, Taiwan, in 1999 by Mr. William S.W. Huang, relocated to Pingtung Industrial Park in 2000, established an additional factory in the Neipu Industrial Park (at No. 38, Jianxin Road) in 2003, and introduced a rotary kiln to start activated carbon recycling service. During this period, the Company ceaselessly made great efforts to research and develop products related to activated carbon and founded the second activated carbon molding filter element factory in 2004 to supply filtered water for industrial and household use. We gained three certifications in 2007:
1. American NSF 42
2. ISO ISO9001:2008 Certification
3. Water Quality Association Certification
In order to improve the two production lines (manufacturing of activated carbon recycling and activated carbon molding filter element), the management decide to input more capitals to implement more & more automation facilities continuously.

Our Business Philosophy
"Quality, Professions, Service and Innovation"
We are engaged in professional manufacturing of activated carbon and filter elements, and all of our main professional crews with skilled-experience for decade in working in team with sense in common of company targeting to upgrade product quality continuously, to research & develop products related to activated carbon technology, to satisfy clients’ demands. Business success and development are inspired from the support & requirement of clients; We start from clients’ demands, and to realize the clients’ requirements until satisfaction. Striving for upgrading quality and pursuing "zero defect" are always the essence of goals of our service providing.